MTA White Paper: How APIs can help achieve better outcomes in Medicaid

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Vision, Principles, and Guiding Questions

The Vision of the Medicaid Technology Alliance is to:

  • Accelerate the development of new technology solutions that support and are responsive to Medicaid’s ever-changing business needs
  • Develop modular definitions and guidelines for Medicaid technology solutions
  • Promote smaller, faster, and more uniform procurement practices across states
  • Identify guidelines and principles to empower state agencies to successfully implement modular solutions

The Alliance will adhere to the following principles:

  • Short-term deliverables, long-term vision
  • Define the what, not the how
  • Allow like-minded states to more easily work together during procurements
  • Ensure policy and IT are connected from the beginning
  • Look for solutions in other sectors of the industry (i.e., carriers, commercial, etc.)

The following questions will help guide the work of the Alliance:

  • Does this (activity, guidance, product…) help states to achieve short to mid-term program and business goals?
  • Does this (activity, guidance, product…) promote competition?
  • Does this (activity, guidance, product…) promote interoperability?
  • Does this (activity, guidance, product…) improve the customer experience (customer can be providers, beneficiaries, etc.)?
  • Does this (activity, guidance, product…) promote re-usability?
  • Does this (activity, guidance, product…) promote use of the cloud?
  • Does this (activity, guidance, product…) empower state staff to implement and maintain modular solutions?